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Saumedhika Sight

"All sight in every creature, large or small, visible, or invisible, is in its quintessence inspired by Divine Sight. There is only one Perceiver, one Mother, one God. That Being sees through the eyes of all creatures at every moment."


An alternative Sanskrit name for Saumedhika Vibhuthi is Atisiddhi, which can be translated as “a great perfection.” Saumedhika is a very rare and little-known ability in our contemporary world. For a true seer it is valuable boon, for it is an ability that can reveal an awareness of the most refined aspects of truth-knowledge, which supports the forming, sustaining and dissolving of our complete range of life experiences; be they personal or impersonal. Unlike what we commonly understand to be our mental or sensorial abilities, Saumedhika sensitivities don’t rely solely on an experience of linear time, or on an experience of contrast oriented events to operate. The sensory functions of the common mind are dependent on and limited to a sequential unfolding order of time, while Saumedhika is not. Saumedhika Vibhuthi can be described as an ability to perceptually transcend the commonly experienced parameters of space and time, which makes possible a direct cognition of the life illuming power of consciousness. Saumedhika Vibhuthi opens one’s awareness to what might be best represented as a transcendental quantum experience of time, which allows a much broader global perception of it than is typically understood. Due to its transcendental view of our apparent reality, it remains virtually unhindered by our common time oriented perceptions, which dissect our universe into past, present or future events.

One simplistic way to attempt an understanding of Saumedhika Vibhuthi is to imagine having in one’s possession a large map, so big that it has virtually no boundaries. Let’s call this map a field of endless possibility. On it rests a magnifying lens, which brings forth into experience any possibility it crosses. This lens amplifies potential into experience. Now imagine that lens is your individuated experience. Its circumference acts as the boundaries of your sensory mind. Thus, your perceptual reality is limited by what it can amplify into your awareness. In order for the sensory mind to continue to bring forth experience, it has to be in constant motion. The path the lens travels over the map is the direction of time as you experience it, bringing into your awareness a sequence of events that you call your life. What is behind you is your past, what is immediately in front of you is your present, and what is ahead of you is your future. Regardless of where you are in your experience of this map of endless possibility, the map itself continues to exist as a whole, forever offering forth its potential to the perceiver. It is infinite in its range of possibility, and eternal in its scope of time. Thus, it is inexhaustible and virtually boundary free. Saumedhika Vibhuthi is the ability to enlarge that lens’s circumference through altogether transcending its limitations. It allows the essential perceiver whom the mind serves, to cognize reality on an entirely different level of existence, beyond the limits of the sensory mind. Now imagine that expansion has virtually no directional limitations, as it may pertain to forward or backward, past, present, or even inter dimensional.

Saumedhika Chakra

The following answer is what Aaravindha provided in 2006 when he was asked during a teaching session, “what is Saumedhika sight:”

“One way in which we can try to understand how Saumedhika works is to try to visualize an omnipresent rudimentary shine resting at the fount of our human consciousness. We could say that shine is our deepest level of self-luminous awareness, which we could also refer to as the pure illumining power of consciousness. Or, we could simply call that shine the Divine Order of the High Self, which is ever seeking life expression through a series of descending life oriented translation filters. Those filters being what exist between our human sensory mind and the Divine Mind of the Supreme Self. Once that life illumining power has passed through its series of filters, including the porous part of our unconscious (the Alaya), it translates and illumines our life experiences. If any of those filters are clouded with the dust of ignorance, which we could call the presence of the Alaya, then our life experience reflects that in its expression and interpretation. Here, you might imagine a kind of slide that is illumined with a perfect life creating order. The slide has specks of dust on it. Those specks of dust are our illusions, which eventually translate into our experiences and the cause of our suffering.

Saumedhika sight is an unclouded vision that begins above the human sensory mind, in the region of the Brahmarandra. The Brahmarandra is a Divine Meridian that rests above the Ajna Chakra, or what we might refer by location; to be above the center of the brain. The Brahmarandra is the very subtle master meridian that is inaccessible to anyone who has not yet mastered the ability to untie him or herself from the binding factors of self identity, which causes one’s clinging to life, which we know as our life attachments and aversions. The Brahmarandra connects our non-local ubiquitous High Self nature to our local individuated self awareness. In short, the Sahasrara, our sole shared Chakra has a meridian between it and our individuated master center we call our Ajna Chakra. Three very subtle chakras exist along this meridian between the Ajna and the Sahasrara. The uppermost of the three Chakras is the seat of Saumedhika sight. From that level of perception, our experience of life is not hindered by the stains of ignorance that might otherwise appear on our mental lens. Here, life is not experienced reflectively, nor is it limited by time. Instead, it presents itself as a perfect knowing. The subtlest intention to know anything here, instantly reveals the entirety of the intended quest, without limitation, or predilection.

The Brahmarandra is a kind of divinity channel, that acts as a communication and translation Meridian between worlds, ascended and immortal Masters and what we might call the Seraphim angels, demigods, devas, or whatever other name we might chose to give the hidden Divine helpers of this greater Universe. Saumedhika Vibhuthi is an Atisiddhi, which is an ability to directly cognize the Great perfection that rests at the fount of all creation.”



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