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Jagad Seva: Jagad refers to the world. Seva is consciously acting to fulfill the Will of Dharma. 

World support. This team must retain its authentic spiritual precepts, but will also focus strongly on the physical-material healing of our world.


The purpose of the Jagad Seva Team is to bring healing and relief to the world in a way that enables its inhabitants (from elements and elementals, plants, animals to humans) to fulfill their divine reason for being.

Help should be provided on all levels, from the very basic material needs to energetic spiritual healing methods. All supporting measures should be based on the principles and knowledge of the solar tradition.

Our help should support people to broaden their consciousness in order to see the world and to shift their way of acting towards more responsibility and appreciation for the world.

Jagad Seva Nature Team: As a branch of the Jagad-Seva Teams, the Jagad-Seva Nature Team deals primarily with the healing of nature.

We find suitable power places where we offer meditations on full-moon days after the solstices/equinoxes and thereby accelerate the spreading of the healthy nature elements.

We have various meditations available which support the healing of nature, and which we practice at our meetings. These are:

  • The Rama-Mantra
  • The Virya Parvana
    These wonderful and powerful meditations can be taught quickly and easily to people who until now have had little experience with meditation.
  • The Devi Bhut Atmaka
    An initiation for this is only possible through Aaravindha Himadra.

Time and place for the meditations will be announced in the Mandala Online Magazine and via email.

Especially in the city, nature has gotten quite out of balance and needs our help. Therefore we meet weekly for meditations in Munich (but also in the Chiemgau area), to bring more light to those areas which especially need our support. Through this we bring healing directly into the residential areas. We are happy for each person who would like to join our meditations. We are available for more information.

A further task for our team is the creation of a large reference book containing prooven tips for various environmental themes, which should be available on our website later. Topics on this list are for example, tips on how to plant organic vegetables, appropriate keeping of animals, ecological electricity, hybrid cars, etc., yummy vegan dishes… whoever wants to add something to this list is welcome to do so. We are happy to receive your ideas and input! However, we don’t only want to collect pieces of information, but to invigorate them and bring them to life in us. We have made it our goal, to embody our love for nature in such a way that we can be guides for other people, in order to find a way of interacting with mother earth which is full of love and respect again.

The Jagad-Nature-Team consists of the following members: Aiyanna, Amar'Dia, Chandani, Kesari, Lalitha, Rtam, Sebastian, Sevithi, Shaunak, Shirashani (Team Coordinator), Tarah.

The Jagad Seva Nature Team can be contacted at

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