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The word Sambodha can be defined as a direct embodiment of perfect High Self Knowledge; which refers specifically to the spiritual wisdom that is gained, integrated and expressed into life through the culturing and maturing of ones experience of Self Realization. Sambodha is not simply a name given to a body of international participants; it is also a living reference to truth-knowledge. Thus, Sambodha represents the natural actualizations that occur through the exquisiteness that's expressed into life through one's spiritual awakening and eventual enlightenment.

Sambodha is an international community comprised of broad range of talented and learned spiritual teachers, healers, and students who are dedicated to bringing forth their unique gifts and selfless Seva in support of an ancient, timely, and also newly emerging body of spiritual and practical knowledge, which pertains directly to the teachings inherent to the Great Solar Lineage, the “Acararka Paramapara Devapatha.”

The intent behind the establishment of Sambodha as an international community is to help relieve the suffering in our world through supporting the uplifting of global consciousness. This is achieved through providing a variety of previously inaccessible aspects of ancient knowledge, as well as newly emerging, highly advanced teachings. Under the direct guidance of Aaravindha Himadra, our community of Sambodha teachers and healers, and newly forming body of study group facilitators, are now offering a wide range of masterfully designed Self illumination techniques and practices are now being made available.


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