Solar Knowledge
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The Sacred Solar Knowledge

Since the beginning of time, the sacred solar lineage has acted as the wellspring for many of our world’s most ancient spiritual traditions. While some of it’s knowledge can still be found spread out in partial form within surviving contemporary traditions, rarely is this knowledge found anywhere else in its wholeness, other than within the secret vaults of Divine Mind. Occasionally a great Master may come along who has discovered its luminous keys. And, through his or her inspiration, may elevate the consciousness of those who are fortunate enough to directly learn from that master. However, over time, through an unnatural corruption that occurs through faulty translations and interpretations, this ancient knowledge has, to a large extent, faded back into anonymity.


In the distant past, many of the ancient solar teachings were solely available to the few high temple initiates, who had the good fortune to have it handed down to them by their Master teachers. For the first time, after many thousands of years, this sacred solar knowledge is now being returned; offering its seekers an opportunity to remember and empower that knowledge in its purity and fullness. Because of the dire time we are now in, this knowledge is once again being called forth to answer the collective need to awaken our world teachers and healers. Aaravindha Himadra, as well as an international body of finely trained teachers, are joining to respond to this call to offer a helping hand to all sincere spiritual seekers in our world.

It is the intent of the Sambodha Community to bring forth the widest possible range of life-illumining teachings using the most eloquent methods available. Teachers are being trained, study groups are being formed, ever expanding archives of knowledge are being created, and many special support materials being made available, which are being arranged for qualified counselors and facilitators to use. Alongside this expanding archive of knowledge, an unequaled body of sacred techniques are now being offered internationally; some of which are offered to the sincere freely through generous acts of Seva. In addition, many more techniques may be learned through participation in Seminars offered either by Aaravindha Himadra, or by Sambodha’s diverse community of teachers.

Actualizing our true Self-Knowledge and our pure creative Power are the two fundamental necessities that support our reason for being. It is in our enlightenment that these two are united in a perfect marriage within us, becoming our Self Realization and Self Actualization. Sambodha provides an ideal balance for that to occur, effectively adjoining profound spiritual knowledge to self empowerment techniques.

Returning to the Solar Lineage is an indication that one is drawing very near to their time of spiritual awakening. For many thousands of years, humanity has been traveling through the corridors of earthly exploration, seeking the knowledge needed to answer their inner yearning to Self Realize. Much of that support is now available through our Sambodha offerings. As each of us discovers our own special relationship to our Divinely intended destiny, we will each be given our unique opportunity to participate in the next global evolutionary step. Our Sambodha community has come into expression solely to support that possibility.


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