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Our Sambodha community has formed to make available a vast body of deeply spiritual knowledge along with a variety of profoundly powerful Self-Actualization techniques. Many aspects of this knowledge are only available through the pure line of Sambodha teachings, which have been brought forth through Aaravindha Himadra's Saumedhika sight and his participation in the ancient Solar Lineage. Our teachings of spiritual knowledge and Techniques are designed to work together in a harmonious way to support the student's spiritual awakening and Self Realization. The following three sections, Solar Knowledge, Solar Techniques and The Chakras are intended to present a brief overview of a few of the core principles that Sambodha is presently offering our world community.


Solar Knowledge Here you can read background information on what the Solar Knowledge represents, as well as the role Sambodha plays in bringing this specific kind of knowledge back to the world. While some of this knowledge may at first glance appear academic in structure, in reality, the manner in which it is taught by Aaravindha and the Sambodha teachers is through culturing it through experience, leading to both realization and actualization. In Sambodha, we nurture the concept of embodying the knowledge, through the actualization of what is gained.

Solar Techniques – Here you can gain a partial overview of a wide range of awakening, cleansing, and healing techniques, which are now being offered through the Sambodha community. This section includes a short introduction to the Mahantarapatha Meditation Techniques, which serve as Sambodha's core practices. The Mahantarapatha practices enable the sincere student to explore beyond the depths of his mind, as well as providing a foundation for the correct practice of a variety of other Sambodha awakening and healing techniques. It should be noted, that following a very old tradition, the Mahantarapatha Meditation Techniques are offered freely, and without charge to many sincere students who are truly dedicated to their awakening.

The Chakras –  Here you can get a first glimpse of the fundamental science resting at the core of the Sambodha knowledge. You will also find visual representations of the chakras that Aaravindha has created through using his gift of Saumedhika Sight. While this knowledge is as ancient as the divine itself, it is only just recently that our technology has evolved enough to allow for such an accurate visual representation of the chakras. When properly studied and understood, the chakra science can help explain nearly all aspects of creation, ranging from the most physical to the most spiritually refined.


The Solar Knowledge

The Solar Techniques

The Chakras

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