Solar Techniques
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The Solar Lineage Techniques

The enduring spirit of the human soul travels endless roads, exploring life after life in hope of finding a true and lasting fulfillment. Having finally rediscovered the sacred path of the Solar Lineage is a good indication that an initiate is drawing very near to his or her true source. The Solar Lineage meditation practices are designed to offer the spiritual devotee the finest possible support on their journey. The Solar practices and meditations are unequaled in their eloquence, effectiveness, and potential power to help bring them into a true and lasting Self Realization. For this reason, the Sambodha community treats the return of these sacred consciousness-illumining techniques with utmost respect and gratitude; mindfully honoring their methods of initiation and protecting their purity. For what they promise is a very real possibility of finally awakening into one’s highest potential destiny; to awaken the inner master, to live the enlightened life.

Along with a vast body of true Self knowledge, there are a broad range of meditation and healing practices offered through Sambodha. Along with healing, cleansing, and longevity techniques designed to support the body, mind and spirit, there is also a series of awareness culturing techniques available, which can be practiced to bring about higher discrimination and presence. There is also a large body of mantra practices available, which can be learned and applied for the development of a wide range of High Self-Actualization purposes. And, there are everyday practical application techniques, which help support the initiate in bringing their spiritual realizations into living form.


At the heart of the solar techniques we find the crown jewel of the Sambodha practices, the Mahantarapatha Pavana meditation practices. These are the finest and most pristine series of meditation techniques known today. “Mahantara” refers to the one’s innermost illumining power of consciousness, the spiritual Sun, which represents the pure light of the one supreme Being. “Patha” can be translated as the essential Path. Thus, Mahantarapatha represents the inner Path to the Light of Spiritual Sun. The Mahantarapatha Pavana series is the golden path of the immortals. Through a powerful order of directing breath, intention, and sacred mantric tones through the devotees’ central meridians, the Mahantarapatha Pavana series quickly dissolves their undercurrents of illusion and karmic limitation. The Mahantarapatha Pavanas are taught only by qualified Sambodha teachers. These very potent techniques are specifically oriented around one central purpose: enlightenment.

The Sambodha community is not religious, but rather spiritual in its orientation. Thus, it allows anyone who has a sincere love for the divine to “come as they are.” These Solar techniques are given in earnest to all those that show the signs of being a true Devotee to the Divine. It is, however, of utmost importance to accept the nature in which these techniques shall be taught. The core solar Meditation techniques, in specific the Mahantarapatha Pavanas, are never taught or sold for monetary gain. Nor are they to be exploited for any egoistic need for recognition or fame. Because they are very powerful in their results, there may be an attraction by some being that may wish to use them to advance their own recognition or personal distinction. These techniques must be shown only to those who would honor them within the proper intent that is honoring of the Solar Lineage. It is vital to understand one’s level of responsibility when endowed with knowledge of this caliber. This series of techniques is the missing link in the promise of awakening to the full glory of one’s Higher Divine Self.

The Sambodha teachings and their applicable techniques can quickly transform and elevate the consciousness of the initiate. Once these techniques have been initialized, the force of the users’ illusions will begin to fade. It should be kept in mind that as the consciousness of the initiate grows, the chrysalis of illusion will begin to crack and fall away. Therefore, the life of the initiate will begin taking on new meaning and direction. The longer the devotee practices these techniques, the deeper he or she will come to actualize the true light of the High Self. It is for this reason that our teachers are well versed in how to consciously support the initiate in adjusting to the changes that occur.


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