The Solar Lineage
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The Solar Lineage

The oldest known name of the Solar lineage is the “Acararka Paramapara Devapatha.” The term Acararka refers to the spiritual Sun, the term Paramapara refers an endless tradition of fully Realized Masters, and the term Devapatha refers to the final journey or pathway to God Realization.

This ancient tradition has no actual record of a beginning in time. Thus, it is for the few who have previously been blessed to know of its existence considered timeless, without beginning or end. What is known is that it began long before the inception of this present age, which has now lasted for approximately 24,000 years. Legends remain to this day, in the far reaches of the Himalayas that originally tell of it being nurtured into form under the guidance of the spiritual elders, the Holy Sau’rehs, of our last great human epoch. Even to this day trace-knowledge of this great tradition has not altogether faded. Nearly all of our worlds oldest religions, many of which continue to exist today, carry within them indicators of inspiration that point to the spiritual Sun as a primary symbol of illumination, often secretly representing the Self Actualization Power of consciousness, which is in turn, directly linked to the sole Supreme Originator of our universe.

Approximately 9000 BC knowledge of this great tradition began to fade into secrecy, gradually becoming more and more of a mystery to all but a few great beings that continued to secretly provide spiritual support to those that were ready to Self Realize and bring forth their gifts to humanity through their Mastery. Aaravindha Himadra knew of this ancient tradition at an early age due to his gift of Saumedhika sight. Much of his inner awareness developed between his struggles with our world conditions and the knowledge-light that came to him as inner guidance from within this Solar Line. At the age of six he physically came in contact for the first time in his life, with one of the great living Masters, who continue to uphold this great Tradition. Although Aaravindha continues to attribute a great deal of his own spiritual development to the ongoing guidance offered him through this tradition, he had not again received the opportunity to be in their actual physical company until he was invited to come to their home hidden in a remote Himalayan Valley; a trip he undertook in the year of 2006. It was there in the very rare company of the last six remaining Amartya Masters of the Solar lineage that he was finally able to bring together the missing pieces of his lifelong spiritual journey.

Until Approximately 200 years ago there lived between 14 to 16 Himalayan Solar Masters serving the spiritual needs of our world from their secret Himalayan valley. These actual living Masters are without contest the greatest beings that have ever set foot on this earth, and yet, in a truly amazing manner they are virtually unknown in our contemporary world. While visiting their valley, Aaravindha was the first euro-western human to be given audience by the oldest of the Amara Masters, the “Pitamah Amara Manusya.” Aaravindha has shared some of the experience of being in his presence with his friends and students, although due to the nature of sacredness involved much of what occurred that day will remain forever a secret.

Truth is not only a medium of knowledge from which we gather and develop our wisdom. Truth is also structural in that it acts as the underlying foundation for creation as a whole. It is a universal field that belongs to all beings equally. The Acararka Paramapara Devapatha is an embodiment of that universal body of truth, which is now being returned to our world through the founding of the Sambodha community. It is bit by bit being drawn out of the formerly inaccessible corridors of the Nabho’Ghana Akash, the “Vault of Divine Mind,” and is now systematically and mindfully being returned. Inevitably, this Devapatha is the path that all being must walk for themselves.


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