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Question:  Dear Aaravindha, could you tell us where you are coming from? What is your spiritual background, your spiritual Path?


Aaravindha: The answer is one that is a bit difficult for most beings to understand. Most people today are fixed to their ideas of reality and have little room for alternate ones, outside of their fantasies or fairy tales. Most people are bound to the idea of birth and death happening solely in the parameters of the only world they know, this physical world we refer to as our present home; our earth. There are however, other worlds, both above and below us. And of course there are other worlds inside of this universe as well. Entry into this world from below is difficult; though it does happen. We can witness this happening through the incarnations of those beings that are here that create tremendous harm or pain to this world without consideration of consequence. On the other hand, entry from above is very easy, though not frequent, as the upper worlds hold a much fuller experience of harmony with the essentials of life then this one presently does. These upper worlds are the ones I am most familiar with.

I have chosen to be in this world; I have chosen to be here for two reasons. One is to fulfill a vow I have made to what I experience directly as the One Mother, the highest and purest creative Power that is at once the most quintessential nature of the all-knowing High Self. The second is I am bound to follow the call of my heart. My heart has a very close relationship to my ability to hear. When I turn my ear to this world I can feel both its struggles and its joys. The joy is something I already own, but as all beings eventually come to realize, even the purest experience of Bliss is not enough to close the heart from its desire to respond to the suffering of this world. That sound of suffering, when it strikes the heart creates a feeling that calls something unique forth in the knower. This is not sympathy; it should never be confused with that, as sympathy does nothing to relieve this worlds suffering. It is a call for compassion; the kind of actualizing compassion that fully engages the creative nature of the heart. That is my second reason for choosing to come to this life. I find my life to be a Seva, an offering both to Her in Divine Self and to Her Light as it shines forth through every pair of eyes I meet in this world.

You asked me what path I am on. I am not on any path. A path is a temporary invention we use to help guide ourselves into what we might believe is a series of self awakening acts. Eventually that path has nothing left to give; we are bound to abandon it. Pursuit is eventually transcended for a complete Presence. Then, “the path” is no longer found anywhere. Some people might say we must remain steady on our path to God or our Path to enlightenment. For a while in our evolution that idea might seem very real to us. However, eventually there is nowhere left for us to go that God is not already fully present; there is nothing left to do that can make us any closer to God. Much of our world is in perpetual pursuit of its perfection and some is also in perpetual pursuit of its imperfections; both searches are merely perceptions that are always limited and relevant to our preferred or chosen sense of reality. However, if we are truly to speak of reality, then we must give up our idea of perfection being an achievable goal. Life is wholly made up of imperfections. It is in a perpetual motion; a rolling continuum of moment to moment events that allow for the unfolding of perfection. Of course it will take eternity for perfection to find fulfillment.

Nevertheless we can and will all eventually come to realize that perfection is not the goal, not the gold in our awakening moment. Eventually we find that it is our capacity to be in tune to; to listen for, feel for, and see for the ultimate Perceiver. Eventually we find ourselves to be one with the Creators hand, that hand that eventually brings all of our lives into the Light of true realization. That is the true art in life.

Question: Would you describe your insides as a “teaching”? as a philosophy, a religion, a science?


Aaravindha:  I would have to say that the offering I present is both a spiritual teaching and a pure life science. I would like to make a couple of distinctions in the definitions of philosophy and religion. A philosophy is a body of ideas or views that support a belief in some theory, which may in turn effect the way in which one lives. A philosophy does not necessarily require any spiritual development or involvement. On the other hand, a religion is always a particular system of worship that orients itself around some form of spiritual guidelines. It is however, not always the final word in one's search for truth; rather it often involves a set dogma that is generated through a particular body of views or convictions, which suggest how humanities spiritual life should be bound to a specific dogma. Religion is therefore only at its best if it is in a constant state of evolution. Once it is becomes too fixed within its dogma it begins to die. Religion also does not necessarily require any particular belief or systems that allow for Self Realization. Most religions are merely guidelines that position the individual self between the forces of good and evil. Religions have not yet found their fulfilment in this world.

Spiritual teaching is a kind of offering that makes room for independent discovery and also allows for the uniqueness that every pair of eyes must pass though on their journey into Self realization. It does not bind any individual to any form of philosophy or religion. However, it does allow for a refinement or deepening of what is essential to the art of awakening. It begins as an honoring of each being as essentially divine, countering all attempts at a belief in separation of self from the one Creator. Fundamentally it is an art in recognition and actualization, through which the individual is receptively guided to his or her liberation: this liberation being a state of awakened awareness that generates a para-natural effulgence of Divine Will and Creativity. We could say that spiritual liberation is setting the Self free to live the quintessential reason for ones being. What occurs thereafter carries an infinite potential. Spiritual teaching returns one to ones Dharma, ones relationship to the larger Self; to the sole Presence that is not only creating and sustaining the individual life but also the greater collective life. It is always unique to each being, and therefor cannot be confined within the boundaries of any dogma. It can however, provide specific systems that support and strengthen ones inner way to realization. For that reason any true spiritual teaching must to a great extent also be a life science; revealing through its methods a means for uncovering or actualizing the Self in its intended expression.


Question: Are you following a tradition?


Aaravindha: My life is an offering of Seva. To fully honor the nature of Seva one must have full entry into Divine Mind, and yet have one ear turned to the suffering of the world. Let me however say this; the suffering of the world alone does not call forth the full grace of Seva. Seva finds its true spiritual eloquence through providing the inspiration and methodologies that might draw the small imagined self back into the perfect shine of its truer High Self. I have come to this life specifically to support those that are ready to step beyond the known, to support their transition into a deepened potential for remembering, to help others in the art of true spiritual Self Realization.

As our world begins to turn into itself for the strength it will require to pass through the coming days of transformation, the High Self responds through making available what is most essential. I belong to a timeless solar tradition. This tradition was known to me at my birth. I have been supported and watched over my entire life by a group of immortal masters that have fully awakened to this tradition. In heart, this tradition belongs to all of humanity, to all of life. It comes forth when the time is ripe for humanity to move along into a new phase of existence, when the old and often destructive patterns have come to a point in their expression when it is no longer possible to sustain them. All things and ways must inevitably pass into destruction in order to be renewed in the Dharmic evolution of our world. We are standing upon the threshold of just such a time. For this reason, the teachings which are now coming forth are essential. Our world is looking for its guidance, its elders. Many beings here are destined to become these spiritual elders, the teachers and healers that will will help in harvesting the old and in the re-creation of our dawning age. It is partially my task to help those beings find their strength and renewal of Dharma. I am here to help them remember and give them back much of what they have lost. Every being has the potential to Self Realize and actualize the Will of God/Goddess. But, some lives are especially designed to help this world through this time of transition. Those beings will be offered a science and teaching that is not typically made available to humanity. These are extraordinary times which are now requiring extraordinary support.

Question: Are there basic policies or principles which have to be adhered to? For example; regarding our relationships or spiritual practices?

Aaravindha: There are a couple of ways to answer this question:


We can learn either through suffering, which is primarily through mental exhaustion or some form of emotional catharsis, or we can learn through an adherence to a deeper form of faith and intuitive inspiration. If we choose the former, we will clearly discover that our potential for healing and learning will require us to learn how to transform our suffering into the voice of the Divine teacher, using it to show us through consequences the nature of our illusions. This is the most common form of collective and individual learning, which has been a predominant part of the forming of our past religions. Suffering is a word we are all very familiar with. If the world continues to choose to push forward with the destructive patterns it has cultured, then suffering will increasingly act as the teacher. If on the other hand, individuals are now ready to renew their inner art of higher discrimination, then the potential for suffering being the guide can be replaced through the culturing of an intuitive listening. This is very important to understand. Very important! For this reason certain policies and practices can be very helpful. There are specific spiritual art forms that can be used to increase ones sensitivity to the art of listening intuitively. It is an art that will require the best of our sincerity, receptivity, and humility. In it our return to innocence is essential. It is in this direction that all true spiritual practices begin.

Do we need to learn how to transform our relationships? Absolutely! No relationship can remain as it is; not with your friends, family or lovers. They must all be transformed into a perfect receptivity to the underlying call that has brought you into being. You see; this all begins with your relationship to your self. If the Divine can be realized in ones self, then it will by nature be discovered everywhere in the outer world. But, it must begin within ones own self awakening. If the self is not set free, not realized within first, then all outer relationships remain stained by that lack of realization. One cannot truly know anyone until one knows ones own true Self. What is the best relationship policy? Honer all as you would honor God/Goddess. Once you have realized God/Goddess within, you will find you have honored your beloved in all that have come to you. On the other hand, if self-judgement is not over come, judgement of others will continue. If one cannot accept the shine of truth as ones own, then one cannot learn to love another. It is initially just that simple. If the shadows that obscure our own light are not dissolved, then those shadows continue to impress our life oriented perceptions, our outer sense of reality.

Question:  What is your spiritual viewpoint towards personal belongings and wealth?

Aaravindha: Resting at the center of consciousness, all beings have available to them an unlimited creative power. Anything can be made possible if this power is properly directed into expression. With it you could create unimaginable wealth or you could starve yourself out of this life through poverty. An individuals creativity and what it brings into expression is ultimately bound to the perceptions he or she may be entertaining about themselves. If a belief in lack or self poverty is an integral aspect of ones identity, then that belief will over time also become manifest as one’s outer expression. The relationship one has with one’s self always becomes the lens one views his or her life through. We can create poverty or wealth, sickness or health or even a kind of hell or heaven here. In simplest terms, what we identify with ultimately determines the life we create. A4Casc250x405.jpg

The idea that wealth is in some way bad for the spiritual path is a mistaken perception. Though renunciation is in many parts of our world considered to be a spiritual practice, in reality it is an act of affirming separation from God/Goddess. How can you separate the art from the artist? An act of renunciation suggests that the art of the Creator is not sacred, and must therefor be shunned for something else? What is not sacred, where is it that the Divine is more Divine then here? Where is it that the High Self is not present at this very moment? Abundance is like a river; learn to flow with it and it will eventually take one to the sea. It is though our sincere receptivity to life that we come to find our awakening. Life is a Divine Art; through discovering its secrets we can come to realize the shine of one Divine Presence revealed from moment to moment. Wealth is a natural outcome of abundance. It is an integral part of one’s true nature. Truth and abundance are the two sisters upon which all spiritual experiences ultimately rely. Abundance is the creative shine of an underlying structure of Truth-knowledge.


Everyone develops their own idea of what wealth is. The idea of wealth is as diverse as humanity is. There are a wealth of talents, a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of ideas; you can be rich in joy, rich in Love, or rich in Presence. A collection of belongings doesn’t represent a true meaning of wealth. These collections are ephemeral perceptions that only appear to be real for a set period in time. Instead, wealth can only truly be defined through its essential medium; that medium is your power to create. Consciously set free your creative power and an endless potential becomes yours instantly.

It is not in the fruit of your work that you will find fulfillment, it is in the moment to moment experience of this Divine Art, that is at this very instant flowing through us; for every being is both the brush and the hand that shines this art into expression. Yet we must be careful not to identify with the expression. Once an object becomes a persons property, it binds that person to some extent. The more one claims something as ones own the more that person is bound. There is however an alternative to this way of being. That is simply to accept all things in grateful receptivity, and of course, to let them go gratefully to their destiny when their time is over. Nothing of this world is forever, no "thing" can bring a person the deeper fulfillment he or she is ultimately seeking.

The High Self is the ultimate Creator, the ultimate Dreamer. Realize that High Self and then the whole universe become yours; then what else is there to want or own? The only possessions that you can truly claim are the ones you cannot own; those are compassion, sincerity, truthfulness, generosity, kindness, and love. To realize those as your own, you must be very generous with them, you must be constantly giving them away. If you have this kind of abundance your fulfillment is already shinning through you.

Question:  What is your stance towards western scientific thinking like Psychology or standard medicine?


Aaravindha: Science is at its best when it is used to reveal the fundamentals that awaken true Self knowledge. Our newest forms of science and medicine are making tremendous breakthroughs on a daily basis. Yet in the larger scope, these systems are still quite primitive. In example; the problem of illness is most often treated symptomatically; this is also true in many preventative systems. The deeper fundamentals that bring about illness are rarely addressed. As a result, the body and mind are treated as biological objects that must be manipulated in order to create a desired end result in wellness. This may help relieve the outer problems of illness, but its most fundamental cause is nearly always missed. Psychology today addresses the need to go beyond the mere physical, but it too has its limitations. We are a world that is rooted in the idea that we must learn to cope with and adjust to a wellness standard. If we fit within that standard we are deemed normal and well, either physically or psychologically. In order for a system to truly be holistic it must include in its use an understanding of the principles of Self Realization. Self realization moves well beyond the boundaries of the mind oriented practices of psychology. The center of consciousness in the field of psychology today is the ego. Modern psychology relies wholly upon keeping the ego healthy and adaptive to life's challenges. However, the center of consciousness is not the ego; the center of consciousness it is a Pure Self that rests within the lap of a perfect Power and Knowledge. Ego is limited by time and the conditions of dualistic experience. The High Self is unlimited in its eternal nature. It is not bound by the parameters of time and yet is is also the creator of life as we now know it. It rests in a perfect timeless body order. If the ego could be so tuned to receive direction fro this order all illness would cease to exist for that being. In other words, in order for any kind of health to become fully holistic it must first learn to attune the mind into a service or Seva to the High Self. The art of that attainment is yet in its infant stages in modern psychological paradigms.

Question:  Could you say anything about the Dalai Lama, the pope, about George Bush?


Aaravindha: These beings, though quite different in their roles and influence are all equally Divine in Spirit. The Beloved rests at the heart of each of them. And yet, each of them as a unique relationship with that quintessential Presence as well as the world around them. And though quite different, each of these beings is serving their Chosen ideal. Their lives are a result of their perceptions, which have over many lifetimes developed into the men they are today. There exists at the root of every being a shine, which carries within it a ray of Dharmic influence. That influence is the Will of God/Goddess calling them to act upon their relationship to the whole of our universe.

The illusions that they may be entertaining influences that Dharmic Ray. The less of illusion there may be the less that this Ray will altered from its original intent. The mind is like a lens, if it becomes distorted with the shadows of illusion then the original light shining through that lens takes on the the shapes of those illusions in life. Everyone has a reason or purpose for being, everyone has a Dharmic Ray to bring into fulfillment. In our personal lives we can feel that Dharmic Ray being measured out between our experiences of Pain or Bliss. Our Bliss arises only when our lens is clear, allowing for a pure Ray of Dharma to mature into our participation with life.

Famous people are famous because the people that follow them have chosen to make them so. Why? Because most people have been taught to give their power to someone else to care for. It is important to be receptive to the teacher when he or she comes into our lives, but we must also learn to actualizing our realizations we have gained through that influence. In addition, the teacher does not always act in truth. The teacher has many forms and faces, both light and dark. We must learn to discriminate for ourselves what is true or not. To simply give away our power and follow blindly because someone is famous is one of the reasons our world is in so much difficulty today. The ultimate teacher is alive in every being, if he or she is willing to find that teacher there. However, this is a perilous journey for those that do not know how to separate out the ambitions of the ego from the True Self.


Question:  Would you say that you are a new Guru?


Aaravindha: Today the term Guru is very rarely understood. The true meaning of the term Guru is simply any teacher. The term Guru’Dev would refer to a teacher who is fully realized in his or her Divinity. Today thousands of self made Gurus are ready to come to the west, as the west has become the new world of opportunity for the spiritual market. The world of spiritual or new age marketing is not isolated to the west. There also exists an Eastern Market.

Finding a true teacher in all of this activity is not so easy today. We live in a world of mixed truth and illusion. The world of gurus is also this way. For this reason some gurus have given the term Guru a bad feeling. In addition, the world is now changing to a different way of learning. The people of this world are made up of three kinds. The first is the sincere being of spiritual destiny. The second is someone who is spiritually interested, but not necessarily willing to live out their spiritual destiny. And, the third kind of person is someone who has not yet matured in their wisdom far enough to recognize the art of spiritual awakening as valid. I will comment on the first kind, as the spiritually destined are the only ones who would find this answer of any real value.

Today we are facing a new challenge. In the past it was occasionally necessary for someone to find a Guru or teacher that would take responsibility for them, and watch wholly over their entire lives. This was done in all sincerity when the teacher was a true guide. The world has changed! Today there are many old gurus and students that have incarnated into non-traditional roles and lives. Many of these beings have previously matured to very potent levels of spiritual development. And yet, many of these same beings have no idea of how powerful they actually are. The true Seers role today is to help these people through their final steps into enlightenment. The reason for this is so they may actualize and fulfill their reasons for being here in this time. This requires a kind of breaking away from some traditional roles. These particular students I am speaking of now, have come into this world with no robes, no fixed religions, and no traditions. We are in a time of reinvention, a time of authenticity and we are in an unequaled time of self empowerment. We are also in a period of tremendous upheaval and change. It is though this time that the elders of the next age will come forward. My role is to help those beings remember their ancient knowledge and empower them to rediscover their unique gift as an offering for our humanity. The survival of our world depends upon these beings. Thus, I cannot take on a traditional role as a guru. Rather then take responsibility for others, I must find in others their true light and fan it like a flame, that they might take spiritual responsibility for themselves. I am not interested in bringing myself fame or riches. I make myself available only to make it possible for me to connect with the people that are ready for this transition in consciousness. I am in Seva. My life is devoted to the Will and the Power of the Highest Beloved Self. As such, I have offered myself to the Beloved behind every set of eyes, to the light in every-beings heart. Some will feel the call of this opportunity and remember. Others will fly on.

Question: Can you say something about your special gift, the oracular sight?

Aaravindha: Oracular sight is a little difficult to explain. Most people assume it to be a kind of psychic gift. But in truth that is not at all correct. A Psychic ability is a supra sensitive capacity to experience a refinement of ones mental sensory realms. Oracular sight is not bound by any mental parameters. The humanized form or individuated mind is limited to a defined time oriented linear order through which it operates. When I view creation through the oracular perspective it is not experienced in a linear manner, but rather in a fully available receptivity that allows for any aspect of creation to be revealed in its fullness. In example, through Oracular sight the vision of an apple is no longer experienced as an apple, but also as the essential Will and Power that upholds it in the ongoing forming and present form it has taken. In addition, I also have fully available to me a receptivity to the supportive and destructive forces that are effecting its expression as an apple. I can then interpret into human concepts the required aspects of knowledge that can help realign the apple into its highest potential for expression. If you can apply this idea to the constructs of human awareness, you might come to see its value as an offering.

I have had this sight from birth. It is not something one can develop in the same way one can learn to sensitize the mind to higher frequencies of perception. Oracular sight exists beyond the human mind; it rests upon the sur


face of Divine Mind. Divine Mind is unlimited in its reach, as it functions in an omnipresent and omnipotent manner, free of the restrictions of time and direction. And yet, the order of the universe is maintained directly through the all seeing and all knowing Will that Divine Mind embodies. Through Oracular sight I have constant availability to the upper worlds, to the awakened Immortals and the Angelic realms, or what might other wise be referred to as the Devic realms of existence. Through it I can view the molecular structure of your body or investigate the endless paths that your soul has traveled. I can listen to the inner workings of your Karmic tendencies or sit in stillness with your highest expression of Divine Self. In Oracular vision there is only God/Goddess spinning in the ecstasy of Divine Play. If a soul has fallen asleep to its intended destiny, I can see that reflected upon the life of the individual as a shadow of illusion restricting the potential that the radiance of God/Goddess offers life. Through Oracular sight I can offer my Seva to help the individuated soul awaken to the true art of that inner relationship.

Question:  Is it true that you can see the future in this state?

Aaravindha: Past, present and Future are all contained within this moment. If you are viewing a map through a magnifying lens you will see the streets and mountains and many features of the map coming to clarity through that lens. But you are limited to what that lens is focused upon, so you see only the moment to moment revealing that comes about as you move the lens over the map. The Map of the universe is what the lens of your perception is traveling over at this moment. It is both your experience and the experience of the collective consciousness. Now imagine for a moment that you can let go of the lens and that the entire map suddenly becomes available. You still have the lens, but now you also can see all of what is involved; where you have been, where you are now and where you are going. There is however one more interesting fact about this new view. You realize that the entire thing you are viewing is not really moving. You are taking it in all at once, while still maintaining a view of the moment.

There is one other thing to consider when this kind of perspective is made available; Free will. Anyone can change the course of destiny at any time. You see, you are also the creator of your own reality. You may be heading for one aspect of destiny, and suddenly a connection to your innermost level of freedom dawns in your awareness and you alter your course. Naturally, this is not always the case, as most people are not using their free will. Instead, they are governed by their fears and attachments. These people are very predictable as they simply keep going around in a similar pattern on the map, never actually realizing there is another level to the map. And perhaps another and another and another.

I can tell you as a global society we are presently heading very quickly towards a deep level of planetary destruction. And yet, I can also see that this destruction can be avoided through a global realization. I can also see the influence of some very powerful realized beings that will step in if all else fails. You see, there is Grace if humanity truly fails to live up to its intended destiny. The parent does not wish destruction upon the child.

Question: Are there any personal fears out of this ability and what you see there?


Aaravindha: No. I have no fears out of what I see. I do feel a deep compassion for the many beings and creatures of our world that have no idea of what is coming. It is the nature of the free heart to respond to the condition of all hearts as the many rays of the One Beloved. In Love we work to serve the healing of all. There is a paradise that is possible if we would simply turn to the illumining Power that is now urging the worlds attention. Some beings already feel this light warming their hearts and minds. We will see soon who will come forward to help and who will resist. That is free will. Fear is not an issue for me. It is inspiration that calls me to help, and a desire to help heal the wounds of my Beloved; awakening the many to the One Perfect Being in all.

Question: How would you describe your assignment? Your calling?

Aaravindha: When I was still very young, just a small child, I could feel the wave of change that was coming over this world. I have over the time of my life watched this wave growing in volume and power. In my very youthful years this caused me to feel helpless. When I spoke of these things I was not understood by my family or peers at all. So, in my forming life I struggled and I was blessed. My blessing came as the support of the Great Mother and the Solar immortals that guided me in my times of struggle, occasionally manifesting for me in physical form, but much more often simply speaking to me through my Oracular sight with the kind words of wisdom that gave me strength and insight. I partly withdrew early in my life in order to protect my vulnerabilities and my sensitivities. So, I created a double life, one part secret, another social and active in the world. It became increasingly obvious to me that my support that I was receiving and the gift that I carried was not meant just for me alone. Over time I offered courses and seminars in various bodies of knowledge. For twenty years of my life I continued to offer these courses, while maintaining an anonymity with my Oracular sight. When asked where I received my training or knowledge, I simply responded with; “I travel a great deal.” Eventually I came to that moment in time when the Immortals urged me on, showing me that I could not longer stay in this world without revealing the full resources of my gift. I then made a conscious commitment to give my life in Seva. Shortly thereafter the Great Mother came to me, revealing to me a complete exposure to the Pain and suffering of our present world. I then felt all the prayers and calls for help that are offered to God in their secret personal moments of surrender. The force of this pain nearly killed me. My heart stopped and my breath could not go on. Then I felt her hand upon my heart, she gave me the strength to move forward. I could see then that there was only one direction left, to turn my ear to world and say yes, without hesitation or fear. The tremendous effect this had on me has awakened me to a kind of seeing that would not have been possible any other way. When you give the wholeness of your heart to the soul of life, you are received in the full Light of Gods Love. Then the world is no longer the world you knew, it becomes the Divine Dharma you have been seeking. My assignment is to offer a guiding hand; to help relieve suffering, and to support the awakening of those sincere beings that are ready to join me in the full Light of this incredible journey towards the healing and awakening of our present world.

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