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The core of the Healing-Seva-Team consists of 4 persons: Leelavathi, Premshallah, Rtam and Shirashani. We all work as healers and are deeply involved with the Sambodha healing knowledge. In addition, Saeroji supports us with her knowledge as a long-term student of Aaravindha Himadra. Sevithi from Switzerland, who also works as a healer, is a voluntary member in the group and she comes whenever it is possible for her, so that we can deepen our healing knowledge and give healings together.

One purpose of our core team is to bring healing to the Council wherever it is necessary. This can be healing for individual Council members, healing for teams or healing for the Council as a whole.

This means when conflicts arise in the Council, in the teams or between certain persons, the Healer-Seva-Team can be contacted and asked for support. We then act as Buddhi (discriminating power) and hear, what the actual theme and the need behind the conflict is and we support the involved persons in realizing this. If necessary, we also use Sambodha healing techniques to support the individual persons in their healing.

We also see it as part of our purpose to bring healing to the world and to support people on their path to healing. We have been meeting weekly for the past 1 ½ years to speak about healing and the solar knowledge, to practice Sambodha healing techniques and to further deepen the healing knowledge, so that we can empower our healing powers more and more. 

Our expanded team also offers practice groups for Sambodha healing techniques. In addition we apply the healing techniques which we learned from Aaravindha in a practical way in our healing professions as well as together on patients in our “healing room” in Grabenau. 

Team-Coordinator: Premshallah

The Healing Seva Team can be contacted at

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