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For many, Sanskrit is not really a well-known or familiar language, so we wish to begin our introduction by explaining our name. A very special quality of the Sanskrit language is that in its core, it consists of tones that carry a specific meaning or intention within them. Unlike in other languages, these intentions and therefore the meaning are not associated to the language's terms in people's minds but encoded directly in the tones themselves. The name SamPraVac consists of three such mantric tones: Sam refers to direct perceptions of the High Self. Pra refers to the flowing light of perception. Vac refers to the pure or essential voice. Sampravac thus refers to the power to communicate, report or publish what is sensed as the Will of Divine Self.

The Sampravac Team is responsible for both internal and external communications of Sambodha using the Website, forums, blogs or all other Internet-related media. For the internal communications the Sampravac-team provides the Council and all Sambodha teams an internet-based communications infrastructure: mail addresses and blogs for individual Sambodha members, as well as mailing lists, forums, and blogs for Sambodha-Teams and -projects. We also select and manage collaboration technologies, for instance tools for internet-based collaboration on documents, or communication software such as for example Thunderbird (e-mail) or Skype (VoIP-based conferences). The Sampravac team not only makes these technologies available, but it is also available to all active Sambodha members for any technical questions, so that everyone can work as effortlessly as possible.

Concerning the external communications, the Sampravac-Team is responsible for the technical and artistic implementation (together with the Design-Team) and for creating the contents (together with Aaravindha) of the Sambodha website, as well as the technical implementation of the Mandala Online Magazine (i.e. implementing the contents, provided Mukundrain texual form by the editorial staff, to HTML, designing and implementing the layout of the magazine together with the Design-Team, automatically generating specific versions for Web-based Online, e-mail and printing, and finally, sending the newsletter to all those who are interested, in collaboration with the Samsrava-Team).

While, for example, the Anuvacana-Team provides through public talks a possibility for direct, personal contact for interested people in the area where these events take place, the Sampravac-Team acts world-wide and independently of location, but therefore with fewer direct contact possibilities. Since direct, personal contact is essential for imparting spiritual knowledge, the orientation of all Sampravac-team activities is ultimately to establish direct personal contact between Sambodha teachers (including Aaravindha) and anyone who is interested in the Sambodha knowledge.

The Sampravac-Team consists of Aakarune (in the USA), Aiyanna (Team-Coordinator), Jashan Chittesh, Shamika (in the USA) and Taipari.

The Sampravac Team an be contacted at:

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