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Aliyana  White Rock, B.C. Canada

This is being written in deep gratitude for the sharing of the Wisdom of the Holy Amaras. For several days after our gathering I was speechless, unable to share or say much of my experience. It went deeper than anything in recent memory. Aaravinda blessed us with his SHINE. His ability to convey the essence of the Masters gave me a personal window into who they are and how blessed I AM to be a part of this Holy Solar Lineage.


Ambika  Zurich, Switzerland

When I was 16 years old I had a dream about my future life. From there on I started to feel a special awareness of life. It told me that at the age of 42 something very special would happen. more...


Analisa L.  Olympia, WA USA

I am mostly interested in the simple, eloquent truth of being.  I remember the first time I ever heard Aaravindha speak, in his living room in 2000 to a small group of people who lived on the island where he lives.  I had actually met him in 1996 when I also lived on the island, but this was my first introduction to him as a teacher. more...


Antoinette B.  Orcas Island, WA USA

Aaravindha's marvelous narration describing his journey to the Hidden Valley and his extraordinary encounters with the blessed Amaras have left me changed. I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude and a renewed commitment to spiritual exercises--and yes, a renewed confidence in the meaning of the Great Journey of Existence. At least a few more fetters have fallen from this somewhat shackled heart! Barumbar namaskara! A thousand thank yous.


Atasi L.  White Rock B.C. Canada

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to attend the symposium! I’m sure nothing so remarkable has ever been presented to such a fortunate group of people.
My life will never be the same...No one’s could be after hearing the TRUTH as is has come to us through you and the awesome magnificence of the wisdom of the immortals.
I can only acknowledge my understanding that, as one so privileged to have this opportunity to learn such advanced and powerful information, I have the potential, the responsibility and the calling to unfold my life in a manner that honors these teachings. This is my intention, however it may unfold.
So, with deepest gratitude and heartfelt joy, I thank you again for revealing your experiences and learnings to us with such vulnerability, generosity and clarity.


Cheryl M.  Seattle, WA USA

It is a gift to know there is no end, that there are unlimited possibilities and that an inner clarity and free choice are mine. Thank you for being a teacher and friend. The gift of the seminar and the sharing of the White Tara mantra and Virya Pavana are very generous. My new sense of calm openness is a blessing I am thankful for. Thank you for being part of my life and sharing your truth.


Danielle   BC Canada

To have access to texts written by Aaravindha - the one about relationships, for instance ... is a precious gift. I can read it  x times, it is a non-ending AHhh in the heart and the mind surrender to a higher wisdom.


Elsie M.  White Rock, BC Canada

How does one put into words the profoundness in the feeling of Remembering...Dear Aaravindha?

First, I witnessed in you, a deepening of Self. True strength in your Beingness, your expanded Shine. What a gift you gave in sharing you and your experiences at this time. With this energy, Aaravinda you brought forth in your communication, on all levels, sharing of your Remembering, teaching and the Masters in pure Love.
Allowing for safety in touching the Joy of Purpose within me, a deepening in embracing me, my Remembering, knowing, and wisdom of Universal Truth. more...


Joyanne S.  Bothel, WA USA

I arrived at your event not knowing what to expect but trusting that my instinct to be there was accurate. I decided on my drive north that I would enter the symposium in a state of openness for the biggest blessings in my life come to me from the realm of the invisible. They reveal themselves in such a brilliant way as to be embraced with enthusiasm and gratitude…. and this was certainly no exception! more...


Kathleen  Seattle, WA USA

The symposium with Aaravindha was wonderful and my heart was filled with a joyous peace while he shared his experience with everyone. It will be very exciting to have a copy of his book and the wealth of knowledge it will hold. His teachings are both motivating and inspirational.


Kimaya Devashri  Munich, Germany

Big city nomad, lover of structure, rebel against rules, sunshine (oh well, sometimes unfortunately also full of clouds up to storm-lashed), speaks with eyes, community idealist, animal and nature friend, Dharma-hopper, lover of freedom, consciousness-pathfinder, communications motivator, re-discoverer of joy…more...


Peggy S.  USA

The broken road to Sambodha – My life had been filled with one tumultuous relationship after another.  Although long term, never positive, healthy, or spiritual.  My last love was with someone who had known Aishana for many years.  That is how I happened to make my first trip to visit with Aaravindha for the Intuitive Heart Seminar on Orcas Island more than five years ago.  more...


Shabira  Landsberg, Germany

My heart is restless...
It feels so heavy...
So many lifetimes of searching...
For what??


Starlina  Cottage Grove, OR USA

Thank you for the teachings of the ancient wise Ones, for in knowing they are in the world doing the work that they do, the World is a better place to be. I have found few words to describe how deeply I am moved by the content of he symposium and your delivery of the Master’s messages!


Susan T.  Tacoma, WA USA

Thank you for the being with us last Sunday. I am moved and deeply touched by your teachings. The Pavana meditations's seem to be re-wiring my experience of who I have been.



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