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I am mostly interested in the simple, eloquent truth of being. I remember the first time I ever heard Aaravindha speak, in his living room in 2000 to a small group of people who lived on the island where he lives. I had actually met him in 1996 when I also lived on the island, but this was my first introduction to him as a teacher. Out of his speaking came such a simple and poetic articulation of what was stirring in my own heart, and the hearts of many who were there that day. I remember that he used a metaphor that creation is a love song sung to her beloved, and that we are that song. This struck me very strongly and I could feel my whole being vibrate with the truth of it. It fills my heart right now just to write about it. I knew that I had found my way to a teacher of great clarity and vision and I came back the next day to learn my first meditation. In the many ensuing years, my own life has continued to un-layer my illusions in all the various bright and not-so-bright feeling ways, and again and again I have found a sense of being returned to the truth of who I am by Sambhoda's teachings. In some ways it has been the most simple and concise precepts that have helped me break through my own illusions. I remember once I was freaking out about something and doubting my own life in some big way, and Aaravindah said to me something that has resonated with me for many years. He said very gently, "The truth outlasts everything." And so it does.

In my own present life, I am in school to become a counselor and I volunteer weekly at a homeless shelter for teenagers in Olympia, WA. What an opportunity to offer presence, compassion, and love! What an opportunity to be with what is, and open to the divinity within situations that can often appear less than divine. We are here to care for one another, and help one another, because the "other" truly is the self. And so my own embodiment of that right now is to be in service as the moment arises, to offer compassion to those throughout my days, and to rest in the sweet gratitude of this moment which is the ultimate song of Joy. I know that this sounds like a lot of "doing," but really what I mean is that my own embodiment of truth is to "do" within the greater context of simply being.

If you are considering coming to a seminar or talk, I encourage you to come and just see if your heart resounds. You will know if this is the teaching for you; your heart will guide you to where you most need to be.

Analisa L. Olympia WA USA

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