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How does one put into words the profoundness in the feeling of Remembering...Dear Aaravindha?

First, I witnessed in you, a deepening of Self. True strength in your Beingness, your expanded Shine. What a gift you gave in sharing you and your experiences at this time.

With this energy, Aaravinda you brought forth in your communication, on all levels, sharing of your Remembering, teaching and the Masters in pure Love. Allowing for safety in touching the Joy of Purpose within me, a deepening in embracing me, my Remembering, knowing, and wisdom of Universal Truth.

With your sharing there were many times when the coin dropped in the aha , where I had doubted myself at times over the years, your sharing confirmed the knowing, truth of my knowledge and wisdom, in simplicity and profoundness. Also faith and trust in the whole, on purpose and supported.

Through your oracle,the sweetness of the spiced rose aroma, so thick it was as if I could lick the ambrosia on my lips. I have smelled this at times over the years, however this time, deepening with me a recognized cherished embrace of the Mother.

The energy of cohesiveness of all involved with the coordination in this amazing event was so evident and in their JOY was so sweet and heartfelt to witness. Thank you for holding the space of Love.

Elsie M, White Rock, BC Canada

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