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I arrived at your event not knowing what to expect but trusting that my instinct to be there was accurate. I decided on my drive north that I would enter the symposium in a state of openness for the biggest blessings in my life come to me from the realm of the invisible. They reveal themselves in such a brilliant way as to be embraced with enthusiasm and gratitude…. and this was certainly no exception!

My experience is difficult to articulate and yet I want to try to convey the impact it had on me. I felt sincerely welcomed and at home amidst this groups of strangers who became fast friends. Everything shared and imparted was done so in gentle manner with soft eyes and expansive hearts.

The collective benefit of my participation was the burning away of a lingering fog that had obscured my vision and dampened the inner sun that sought only my permission to shine fully. It is now my deepest understanding that such divine brilliance does not scorch or burn but is the cause for creative growth and wide opening to that which nourishes at the most profound level.

Thank you for this beginning, for this liberation, inspiration and absolute direction.

With a grateful heart,
Joyanne S., Bothel, WA USA

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