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My heart is restless...
It feels so heavy...
So many lifetimes of searching...
For what??
If only I knew...
I try this and that, run to here, travel to there,
one relationship, then one more, this job, and then the next one,
this book, that lecture, one more film, and then the disco,
beer and wine and smoke and man, and then...???
No thanks, I don't need it anymore.
All this spirituality and esoteric and cleric.
Not for me, I close the door, just want peace and quiet.
You can knock and ring the doorbell as long as you want,
You won't get me to go to any more „master“.

O.K., I'll come along just this one more time, as a favor...


How can it be? I hear my heart just screaming...
This is what I waited for, this is what I searched for.
But how could I know that?

„Sacred Solar Knowledge“

IT is sooo... familiar. HE is sooo... familiar.
What´s his name today? Aaravindha Himadra


With deep gratitude, Shabira, June 2009

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