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Sambodha Teachers

If you would like to know more about Sambodha, study the Solar Core Knowledge or, after appropriate preparation, be initiated in one of the Solar meditation techniques, you will find authorized Sambodha teachers from various parts of Germany and other countries, like Switzerland or the US here. Each Sambodha teacher has his/her individual way of passing on this timeless knowledge and the deeply transformative meditation techniques and sets different focal points in his/her work. Therefore we would really like to encourage you to look at different offers according to your needs and possibilities in order to find the person who resonates most with you in the current phase of your spiritual evolution.

LogoAP_E_200x210.jpg All teachers listed here began an intensive and on-going training program with Aaravindha Himadra several years ago. The academic part of the training builds on the basic Solar Knowledge and includes e.g. the science of mind, the chakra knowledge and numerous even deeper and far-reaching aspects of the Solar Knowledge. The significance and effectiveness of the meditation techniques are not only taught and emphazised on an academic level, but are above all experienced, expanded and deepened through one's own daily practice. Parallel to that, Aaravindha Himadra supports each teacher according to their own need and measure in the deeply empowering inner process of growing awareness, individual and collective realizations and their actualization and implementation in daily life. This personal growth process allows us to let go of old behavioral patterns and identifications and instead bring forth our true nature, our authentic way of being as an expression of the qualities of Divine intention. The deep, meaningful and often life-changing experiences each teacher goes through on his or her individual journey are an integral part of their formation and turn learned knowledge into integrated and lived wisdom, the starting point and foundation of every independent teaching activity.

All authorized Sambodha teachers share a deep commitment to their own awakening and the raising of consciousness on the collective level - an awakening that is devoted to the relief of the suffering on this planet.

If you want to contact a Sambodha teacher, please write an email to  indicating his or her name. We'll forward your request to the respective teacher who will then get in touch with you as soon as possible. All Sambodha teachers work free-lance and on their own responsibility.

Authorized Sambodha teachers

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