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In this life-time, I have encountered various teachers and got to know different kinds of spiritual approaches and meditation techniques. Around 30 years after I was born, I thought I knew the essentials and ended my search - to find what I actually was looking for just a short time later. Since that, I've been on a completely new and fresh journey which is characterized by discoveries which I previously wouldn't even have considered possible. Through the meditation techniques and the Solar Knowledge that Aaravindha Himadra has brought forth, the big circle is coming around for me - and I feel very greatful to be able to share this treasure with others in various circumstances and situations.

What I offer: On request, I teach various meditation, healing and cleansing techniques (A Mindfulness Technique, Virya Pavana, Avatar and Avatara Mantras, Ana Prasadhana Kriya). Furthermore, I offer initiations to the Mahantarapatha Meditation Techniques (Pavanas).

Website: Authorized Sambodha Teacher - Jashan Chittesh

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