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A view from the heart

Engage deeply, without resistance to that which is,
offering the heart to the Divine Mother,
turning the ear to the Divine Father,
trusting to be held in every moment,
and so my being dives into the journey,
receptive to a new adventure.

The heart opens,
two angels float away surrounded by a flock of birds,
jubilantly into the ether.
What rapture fills my heart,
what bliss flows through this temple.
Too tight is this body to give space
for all the love and gratitude.
Expansion without grasping,
limitation disappears like mist,
light flows through.
All asking, all wishing is no more.

Being is all there is....

There comes an old familiar one, called mind,
to bring me back out of this rapture,
to remind me of all that is still to be done.

So be it then...
Nontheless, I take with me what flows through me,
each time a bit more...

I want to invite you to go with me on a journey of discovery.
Where the journey will lead, no one can predict.
It is always a first time, always different, always new.
The means and ways of our journey vary according to the moment.
They can be dialogs, mantras, meditations or simply just being together.
Enter into your journey. I look forward to accompanying you.


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