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When I was 16 years old I had a dream about my future life. From there on I started to feel a special awareness of life. It told me that at the age of 42 something very special would happen.
And so it happened.
I met Aaravindha in March 2001. When he told us about the science of universal life, I was certain: This is what I was looking for !
During my travels on earth I was looking for this knowledge about life. I thought I would find it by the natives in South America; but what a surprise; it was served to me on a „silver tray“ in Europe.
In 1999 I started listening to the solar knowledge in a small group, and I started to integrate it in daily life. Thereby I evolved personally and spiritually and I could radiate my light of love.
Sambodha is for me the philosophy of life; it is knowledge, meditation and the allday life in One.
It is the path to self-awareness for me.
Sambodha helps me to realize my life destiny into daily life.

Ambika, feb. 27th 2008

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